Active clients

Active clients

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Client List

This page lists your active clients.

View Client Details

To view a client, click on either their client number, company or name.

The client details page is divided into 6 tabs, allowing you to see all the information relating to this client.

Add Clients

To add a client, click the plus button at the top right of the clients table.

Import Clients

To import clients, click the import button at the top right of the clients table.

You can download a blank template by clicking the link.

You MUST NOT edit or move the header columns in the import template.

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    • Clients report

      The clients report allows you to view clients by the date you added them to PlanMan. To export the report, click on the download icon at the top right above the table.
    • Archived clients

      This page lists all of your clients that you have archived.  To un-archive a client, click on one and uncheck the "Archived" check box then click the Update Client button.
    • Active projects

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    • Communications

      When you send "Communications" (basically emails) to clients, they will be listed here. Click on the date to view the email. If the email was from the client, the Send Reply button will be active. Click on that to reply to them.