Project templates

Project templates

You can create project templates that contain all of your project stages. Then, when you are creating a quote, you simply select the template and all of the relevant stanges are automatically added to the quote.

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      Your project map lists all of your projects that have a "Start Date" set, but have not been completed. When you first view the page you will see a map of the UK. Select a user at the top right of the map to see their ongoing projects on the map. ...
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      When you are adding projects, you can assign them to a project type to make it easier to report on. Click on one to edit it, click on the red bin to delete it.
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      Here is a list of your active quotes. To add a quote, click the plus icon at the top right of the quotes table. If you have created some project templates, selecting one will copy all of the template stages to the quote once you click the Add Quote ...